About the Gym

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A bit about us

Complete Active is an official CrossFit Affiliate gym and health & fitness centre based in Ringwood, UK.

We exist to help you meet your personal goals, not just in the world of fitness but in your everyday. We dedicate ourselves to invest in your well being and tailor each part of your experience with Complete Active to you personally. Our motivation is found in your enthusiasm to reach a better quality of life.

Complete Active is driven by quality. Our brand, personal trainers and therapists strive to emulate this quality through their skills and knowledge, which they are keen to share with you so your vision becomes a reality.


27 Hightown Industrial Estate,
Crow Arch Lane, Ringwood
BH24 1ND


Mon to Fri 6:30am – 8:30pm
Sat 7:30am – 12pm
Sun Closed



We are a gym designed solely by people that train. Therefore we believe in investing in the best equipment on the market for our members: 

– Rogue Monster lite Rig
– Ropes & rings
– Sled / AstroTurf
– GHDs
– Concept 2 Rowers
– SkiErgs
– Wall Balls
– Life fitness cable machine
– Bench Press
– 6 x Squat stations
– Rogue Barbells

– Rogue Bumber plates
– Dumbbells to 47.5kg
– Free weights section
– 2x 10m long lifting platforms
– Assault Bikes
– Romwod & Yoga zone
– Thai Boxing Zone
– Changing rooms
– Male & female showers
– Outdoor zone coming soon


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