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Physio and massage

We have a range of highly talented therapists forming our Complete Body range of offerings. Whether it is physio treatments or deep tissue massages our team are here to provide tailored services directly to you. Student / Public Services discounts are available. Please enquire directly.


Laura Jamieson
Physio Therapy

Laura's love of sport and having a long line of physiotherapists in her family led to her becoming a physiotherapist. Here at Complete Active Laura provides treatment and guidance on the optimal way to recover from an injury and how to perform at your best. 


Paul Newton
Sports Massage

As a keen Crossfitter, coach and competitor, Paul also specialises in sports massage, targeting any areas that need specific muscle repair. Paul can be available on various evenings to fit around your schedule.

Contact Paul 07921 813576


Anita Kelly
Sports Massage

With 20 years of experiences and qualifying in sports massage back in 2012, Anita realises the importance of mobility ensuring all her clients get back up to performance level as quickly and safely as possible. She offers soft tissue massage, pre & post event massage, maintenance, prevention of injury/rehab and relaxation massage.

Contact Anita 07974 788332