Laura Jamieson

Chartered Physiotherapist

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Ringwoods best sport massage acupuncture, sports rehab, physiotherapist Laura Jamieson.

Laura Jamieson is based in Complete Active, Ringwood. She specialises in rehabilitation of sporting injuries, providing individualised biomechanical screening analysis based on your sport, Office based occupational injuries and post-operative rehabilitation (swelling and scar tissue management, return to daily activities, guidance on post-operative protocols and return to exercise).

Eight years of experience treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions and a growing love of CrossFit, has now led her to starting her own physiotherapy practice with Complete Active. She is the best sports therapist in the area and actively treats patients in order to get back into training as fast as possible rather than prescribing no exercise. We are thrilled to have her with us.



Full body movement analysis
Tests your mobility (flexibility/movement) and strength based on your daily or sporting requirements. (Bare feet, shorts and vest/ crop top is best to assess movement). 

Hands on treatment
Myofascial release techniques (massage & cupping), trigger point release, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilisations and spinal manipulation. 

1:1 movement re-training
1:1 movement re-training and guidance on what aids recovery through corrected movement. 

General help
Help in understanding how your injury occurred, realistic outcomes and long-term goals. 

To aid recovery and strength rehabilitation

Releasing pressure and tension in injuries and pain points


Tips & tricks

Keep up to date with Laura and her tips and tricks for mobility and strengthening on Facebook and Instagram.

She also is a keen advocate for Game Ready specialist equipment. You can find out more about this here.